General comments on mentoring

Mentoring is intended to advance women in their jobs or positions and to assist them in better holding their own in male dominated fields of work and at hierarchical levels where there is a preponderance of men. Mentoring for women offers opportunities to shake up established structures and to blaze new trails.

Mentoring stands for....

  • information exchange between a mentor who has had a successful career and a mentee who is willing to learn and develop;
  • a prompting relationship facilitating personal reflection and development as well as promoting career planning and career choices;
  • an instrument targeted at personal development and advancement of women.

Mentoring brings benefits all round!

  • Mentors: reflect on their own professional careers, sharpen their leadership styles, consolidate their leading positions, build new networks.
  • Mentees: assess their current status, are provided with a development plan including options for continued education, become more self-reliant, are included in networks.
  • Organisations: get to know/promote/tap the full potential of their staff, set up pools of young executive talent.

Mentoring projects effectively support the advancement of women with a view to

  • making the professional potential and skills of women visible and accessible to the employer;
  • encouraging women to make use of their qualifications at all levels of the hierarchy;
  • establishing and supporting women in leading positions.

Mentoring inspires women’s networks to cope with varying requests!

  • Motivating girls to change their career choice patterns and opt for better career opportunities that promise higher income and promotion;
  • changing work structures to improve the chances of working women and mothers when it comes to reconciling job, family and private life;
  • promoting the equality of women and men by way of mutual support and lobbying to assert women’s interests.