Eure Projekte

Young people with a project they would like to realise can apply for a grant of up to Euro 500 – simply and without red tape. In addition to this initial funding, they also receive an individual project consultation with employees of the youth information centres in the Federal States.

The aim of Eure Projekte is for young people to experience their own effectiveness and to put themselves to the test – and failure is allowed! At the same time, young people’s innovation and commitment are made visible.

Young people aged 14 to 24 with a centre of vital interest in Austria are the target group. Both individuals and teams (for example initiatives, youth groups, etc.) can participate – but the application must be made by one person aged between 14 and 24!

Funding is granted to projects or project ideas that meet the basic eligibility criteria in form and content and have been chosen by a jury in a selection process. Project ideas must be creative and innovative, open up new spaces that contribute to social diversity and promote cooperation. There are no limits to the topics: art and culture, environment, health, sustainability, social involvement, society, technology, sport, etc.! The only exception is such activities that are purely an end in themselves and that deal with socio-political “no-gos” (racism, discrimination, etc.).

Eure Projekte is an initiative of the Federal Chancellery and is carried out in cooperation with the National Network of Austrian Youth Information Centres.


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