Austrian Youth Event-Austrian EU Presidency 2006

Austrian Youth Event


The main theme of the Austria Youth Event 2006 was "The Future of Youth Policy in Europe". Three sub-topics were chosen as part of a preparatory process. Six parallel working groups discussed the three topics during the Austria Youth Event 2006, two working groups on each topic.

The declaration of the Youth Event, the conclusions of the presidency and the researcher’s position paper mark the outcome of the Austria Youth Event 2006.

The draft papers were discussed again by all participants of the Austrian Youth Event 2006. Based on the drafts and with regard to the statements and feedbacks to it, the drafting committee finally worded the “Declaration of Vienna and Bad Ischl”. Delegates of the Youth Event presented their declaration to the ministers and formally handed it over to Commissioner Figel and the presiding Minister Haubner.

Regarding both the working sessions of the informal meeting of youth ministers and the Austria Youth event, Minister Haubner compiled her “Presidency Conclusions” and handed them out at the closing ceremony.

The group of researchers, who supported the Youth Event, compiled their concluding paper regarding a “knowledge-based youth pact”.

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