International Youth Policies and Youth exchange

Everything flows and nothing stays: what seemed to be true already at Heraclitus time (500 BC), gained enormous speed within the last decades: Young people of today are growing up in a rapidly changing global society.

To assist young people in facing their challenges, appropriate policies and measures have to be developed, adequate support and grant systems need to be in place. Youth Policies in this regard are being set up bilaterally between States, but mostly through multilateral networks, such as the European Union, the Council of Europe or the United Nations.

The existing common aims and targets are constantly being developed on the local, regional and national as well as on the European or UN level. Also continuously, joint methods and measures are being established, decisions on support and funding are being made. Most important partners in these processes are the Regional Youth Offices of the 9 Federal States, the Austrian National Youth Council , the Network of Open Youth Work , the Network for Youth Information Centres, the National Agency for the EU programme "Erasmus+: Youth in Action" in Austria and all their international networks.



International Youth and Family Policy Unit