Youth participation

During the development of the Austrian Youth Strategy, youth participation has played and will continue to play a central role. Youth participation is also one of the 4 fields of action of the Youth strategy. The following overview will show which models and methods can be applied to continue to develop the Youth Strategy.

Youth Strategy on Tour

As part of the Youth Strategy on Tour, young people were surveyed using qualitative methods from the social sciences. At the same time, they were provided with the opportunity to give voice to their own ideas, desires, concerns and recommendations and to discuss them and put them down in words in workshops with their peers.

Youth Check

On 1 January 2013 the Youth Check (effect-oriented impact assessment) went into effect. The law stipulates that all new legislative and regulatory proposals be evaluated for the potential consequences they could have for children, young people and young adults. This instrument makes it easier for youth organisations, in particular the National Youth Council, to become involved in the legislative process.

Structured Dialogue

The Structured Dialogue ensures systematic inclusion of young people in the political decision-making process for selected thematic fields of youth policy. This is a unique process in the EU - no other policy area includes citizens in such a way. The Structured Dialogue is integral part of the EU youth strategy.

Opinions and needs of young people should be taken into account in all political decisions from a local to an international level. At EU youth conferences the results contribute to EU-wide recommendations, thus valid for Austria, too.

The Structured Dialogue is organised into 18-month work cycles.

The Structured Dialogue Coordination Austria designed a learning map for everyone who is interested in better dialogues with political decision makers.


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